Personalized Training

Everyone needs a helping hand and our personal trainers have you covered. If you are new to training, no worries. Our personal trainers are with you at every step of your fitness journey and will take great care of you! Our trainers will advise and guide you on training option based upon your needs and goals.



Group Classes

There IS a class for everyone. Find yours. Inspire your mind and transform your body with classes and workouts taught by instructors devoted to make it the very best hour of your day. Our classes offer community, energy, and motivation to create a transformative experience and help deliver fitness results.



Full-Service Fitness Center

Access the power of fitness to transform your life. Our gym is your space. With state-of-the-art equipment our facilities and programming are designed to get you moving. Whether you want to feel better today, run your first race, lose weight or feel the full potential of your strength, we have a movement strategy and program for you.



We Are Dedicated to Everything Fitness

We are built for all your fitness needs.All of our equipment has been personally selected by the NLF2 team. We have selected a combination of equipment that offers high quality materials, superior engineering, and cutting edge technology to provide you with a amazing workout experience.

Cross Training Room


Set up stations with friends or mix up your daily routine with endless workout combinations in our state-of-the-art cross training room.With all of the latest functional training tools and equipment on the market, this room has everything you could possibly need for circuit and High Intensity Interval Training workouts. 


Fitness Center

fitness center

Our Facility Fitness Center is built for all your fitness needs. Consisting of Dumbbells, Barbells, Multiple adjustable benches, Hammer Strength Machines, Isolated Cybex Machines, Free Motion Cable Equipment, Power Racks, Functional Equipment & more. Everything you need to take your fitness to the next level and break through your goals.


Cardio Machines

cardio machines

Our Facility provides a variety of state of the art cardio machines including: recumbent and upright bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, total body ellipticals, lower body ellipticals, steppers, and arc trainers. Everything you will need too get back on track with your fitness and health goals.